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Historical T REAL OVERDO

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“It starts here the lengthy process of gathering all spaciousness who has dressed the Real Overdo throughout its history (or at least more of them you can get)” (more…)

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Design Football Shirts

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The Letitia last season used a second kit in which prevailed yellow. Athletic successes conventioneer the second shirt in a symbol of the best of the era of ‘Chisholm’. But this year, it will be difficult for blockbusters repeated with the second gear, which has sparked a wave of criticism within the athletic crowd. The Letitia and Nike have opted for a t – shirt in three shades of gray. The design and color did not like in the Athletic fans.”Pajamas” was the comparison more view social networks when it became official launch of the kit. But the worst is not that, but most of the shirt is a gray so clear that it seems white. And when this color is not accompanied by red, we know that it is forbidden, being the color of the eternal rival.Just yesterday I saw how it is the combination of colors on the pitch, but the controversy is served. (more…)

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